How To Help

"How can I help Jack's Basket?"

That's one of our favorite questions!

Here are some creative ways we can use your help to celebrate every baby with Down syndrome.

Share Our Mission

One of the most helpful things you can do to help us grow and reach more families is to share our mis

sion with your communities! 

1. Share our mission with new and expecting parents.

Do you know a family welcoming a baby recently diagnosed with Down syndrome? Join the celebration by introducing them to Jack’s Basket and requesting a basket for them

2. Share our mission with your healthcare providers.

Help us expand our diagnosis advocacy and medical outreach program by connecting us with medical providers who would benefit from our presentations and resources.

Direct your providers to our resource hub for healthcare professionals! Encourage them to request an introductory packet filled with everything they need to know about bringing Jack’s Basket to their practice. 

Looking for a specific resource to share? Help get our ‘Communicating Unexpected News’ Curriculum in the hands of providers everywhere! Click on the link below to visit the Curriculum and learn more.

Host Your Own Fundraiser

Host a Burgers & Baskets Event: Each June we celebrate the babies coast-to-coast with backyard cookouts! Sign up to host your own party, spread awareness, and raise funds to fill baskets for the babies!

Jogging for Jack’s: Love running? Do it for the babies! Any runner, any race, any time! Join our team of runners across the country who are raising support for families welcoming a new baby! 

Signed up to run a race? Please use this form to run in support of Jack’s Basket. 

Host a Gift Drive: Using our wishlist, gather your community and host a gift drive to fill baskets! Connect with our office staff to coordinate a drop-off time, or ship directly to us!

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