New Diagnosis, What Now?

“I’m having a baby with Down syndrome.”

“My baby has Down syndrome.”

We understand that this is unexpected news. We want you to know two things: You are not alone. And… congratulations! Your baby is worthy of love, respect, and honor. 

At Jack’s Basket you have a support system ready to embrace and walk with you wherever you may find yourself on this journey you may never have expected.  

Our community of parents, healthcare professionals, volunteers, and advocates can confidently tell you that your baby will change your life for the better, no matter what the path looks like ahead.

Request a Basket

We want to welcome you to our loving and supportive community with the gift of a Jack’s Basket! While our baskets are filled with up-to-date resources, books, and gifts for your baby – our greatest desire is that in receiving a basket you would know you are supported and your child is celebrated.

Ultimately, a Jack’s Basket offers the gift of hope, love, and connection. When you receive a basket, you also have the opportunity to connect with a parent in our volunteer community who is also raising a child with Down syndrome.

“I will never forget the flood of emotions that overcame me as my world flipped upside down when we received Anna’s Down syndrome diagnosis prenatally. In the weeks following the news, I was lost in a sea of unknowns with a million questions and no idea where to find the answers. I was scared, sad, and a little angry. These emotions bubbled and boiled over every time I told someone about Anna’s diagnosis. I heard it all. Apologies, sympathy, disbelief, feigned positivity, and dead silence.

I longed for someone to support me and tell me it would be ok. I wanted someone to really understand what I was going through. Most of all, I wanted a genuine connection and someone to help me fill in the gaps.

The week we brought Anna home we connected with a Jack’s Basket parent volunteer less than an hour from where we lived. After our first conversation, my feelings of isolation started to dissipate. Most importantly, I started to see that life with a child with Down syndrome was still just life. I saw my mentor’s child being included socially and academically. I caught glimpses of their life during our interactions and on social media—they were a typical family living everyday life. Down syndrome played an important role in their family, but it wasn’t the only part. In ways I never shared, the seemingly mundane happenings of the volunteer’s “every day” was the beacon of normalcy I so desperately needed. The gift of hope I received because of Jack’s Basket is now one I get to share with other families new to this journey as a parent volunteer.”


– Heidi (North Carolina) Basket Delivery Parent

Prenatal Diagnosis?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wherever you may find yourself on this journey, we want you to know that we are here for you. Please explore our resources for expecting parents. We especially encourage you to watch our Prenatal Consult Film!

Birth Diagnosis?

We celebrate your baby’s arrival! Congratulations! We understand the feelings you may be experiencing after receiving this unexpected news. We are here for you and want you to know that your baby is precious and worthy of celebration!

Family Resources

After learning this news, you may be looking for resources and we understand that this can be an overwhelming time. We’re glad to be connected with a number of local and national organizations that can serve you throughout your journey.