Prenatal Diagnosis

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

How are you feeling? We understand the feelings you may be experiencing after learning the unexpected news that your baby has Down syndrome. Shock, confusion, grief, and fear are common emotions when receiving this news. Wherever you may find yourself on this journey, we want you to know that we are here for you. 

Your baby is precious and worthy of celebration. 

This journey is full of many unexpected blessings and we can confidently share that your child will change you for the better. As you start on this new path, we encourage you to learn more about your growing baby and understand that he or she will show you the way. You’ll learn about how the extra 21st chromosome impacts your child, but does not define him or her. 

Your baby will teach you and change your life in the most beautiful ways. Congratulations!

Request a Basket

We want to welcome you to our loving and supportive community with the gift of a Jack’s Basket! While our baskets are filled with up-to-date resources, books, and gifts for your baby – our greatest desire is that in receiving a basket you would know you are supported and your child is celebrated.

Ultimately, a Jack’s Basket offers the gift of hope, love, and connection. When you receive a basket, you also have the opportunity to connect with a parent in our volunteer community who is also raising a child with Down syndrome.

Hope for the Future

Hear from families who have walked the path before you.

As you set out on your own journey, we invite you to hear from other families who are raising a child with Down syndrome. Here are their stories of hope. 

This film also features perspectives from medical providers who want to congratulate you and shed light on some of the ‘unknowns’ and questions that you may be facing after receiving a prenatal diagnosis.


Watch the Film

“Our prenatal diagnosis was confirmed after two ultrasounds and NIPT for chromosomal screening. We found out our baby very likely had Down syndrome with an AVSD. 
Termination was never a consideration for us, but was definitely one of the first things mentioned.  My growing, kicking, very much alive baby was being labeled as “disposable”, which did not make sense to me.  For a short time, I lived in denial of this diagnosis.  I had so much fear, all fueled by the unknown.  I started looking around for testimonials from families.  I wanted validation that my baby was indeed worthy and valued.  I found Carissa’s blog and videos on the Jack’s Basket website and for the first time, I started to really believe that everything was going to be ok.  As soon as I held my beautiful baby in my arms, all of the tears and worries would seem senseless.
I let go of my fears and finally circled back to just enjoying growing our sweet baby. When she arrived, our whole family immediately fell in love with her, and that love has only grown. Because of Celia, our hearts have burst wide open, and we have become part of this amazing community of people! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything that Jack’s Basket offered to me when I was looking for hope and light.”
– Karlyn (Minnesota)

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