18 months…Stay tuned to WCCO TV!

Wow, what a month it has been!  

Where do I even begin to update you on the amazing month we have had!?!?!  Here’s a quick summary…so get comfy…it’s ALL good!

Here are few of my favorite pictures of our latest adventures!

With Jack crawling now we are definitely having to work on both boys’ ability to share and play gentle with each other.  And…let’s keep it real…they love to bite each other.  Come on boys.  Teeth are for eating, not biting.  Ugh.  Seeing the boys in their swimming gear makes me miss warm temps!  We got this water table out after I realized that Jack would stand and splash for 10 minutes!  Seeing him upright and loving life was so exciting!  

Jack went for a routine check up at the Down syndrome clinic at Children’s where they review his progress.  She said he looked great and asked to see him in a year! 

IGGJack.  Ahh, yeah…we like to have fun!