Revolution of the 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

So here I sit discouraged and frustrated as I cross out the resolutions that were inked on January 1st of this year, and think…well failed, failed, failed. I sometimes wonder why I do these things, why do I set myself for these things only to look back and see that I missed the mark. But honestly, in scanning past goals, I am not always crossing them out, I am also starring and underlining and circling! I do know why I do this to myself, because I set a high standard for myself, knowing that if I don’t I will just accept anything, I will just make an excuse and allow myself to sinfully compare myself to the next person. I allow myself to take the easy way out. I remember in a class at Bethel, Jimmy Miller recited a Proverb that said, “Where there is no vision, they will walk unrestrained.” I don’t want to just wandered, because I know I was created for a purpose and I know that with God’s help I will have the Strength for the Climb.

So here I am…about to write down my goals until my 30th birthday…

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