B is for…BABY!!

So just when I am getting into the swing of training for the Turtleman Triathalon guess what shows up???? A plus sign and a solid line! Nope…not a PR on a race, or a negative split time…these signs come up when you urinate on a stick, that means…we’re pregnant!

I feel like I had that ‘mother’s intuition’ immediately, like I knew when the exact time was when our baby was conceived, (i know, i know) but I just had this feeling that we got pregnant. We went up to the cabin for the 4th of July weekend and I just didn’t feel like ‘me’ and little did I know that I wouldn’t get that ‘me’ feeling back for 10 months! Or, possibly longer! 🙂

So…stay posted…I am definitely going to need some strength for this CLIMB!

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