9 months…little guy, big potential.

On Christmas day Jack turned 9 months old!  We had an awesome holiday celebrating with both of our families.  We are so blessed with amazing siblings and parents!  We were also able to spend the month celebrating the birth of Jesus with caroling at the local nursing home (eek…5 moms and 10 kids under the age of 4…quite the adventure), Macy’s 8th floor display, two women’s Christmas events, my annual favorite things with the home girls, precious moments reading books to Luke and Jack about the birth of Jesus, putting up the tree, sharing gifts with each other, a wonderful candlelight Christmas Eve service, and the boys’ Christmas program at their daycare/preschool.


Here is a short video of my energetic cow and adorable little lamb at their Christmas program:  Luke and Jack’s Christmas Program


Jack’s thyroid test results came back lower than the first initial test but still higher than normal.  This time it was 5.7 and 4 is the normal range.  We go to meet with an Endocrinologist on January 9th to get more information on the thyroid and what the future will look like with this medication.  

I absolutely love going to physical therapy!  We go once a week and our PT works Jack pretty hard and he is doing amazingly!  It is such a blessing to have such a wonderful place to go that has high expectations and we all enjoy going!  Luke asks to go to the PT’s house because he has so much fun and she has the BEST toys…sorry Luke…it’s not her house (it is her business)…but it does feels like home to us! 🙂  He is still working on that six pack so many exercises are spent on his core muscles.  He has been working on transferring his weight to the opposite side to grab things and has also gotten into the crawling position!  What a champ!  I always leave there with such excitement on the progress he is making.

We started treadmill training this week.  I posted about this in June, as Chris had talked with Dr. Ulrich, who has conducted numerous studies and published many journal articles on kids with Ds, as treadmill training improves developmental outcomes with walking.  Jack owned the treadmill like a boss.  🙂


Little guy, big potential.  

So I wanted to share some of the videos that really encouraged me.  In the early days I used to stay up way too late and try to find videos, information, and pictures of what Jack’s life would be like.  Again, I reflect on those days realizing that fear drove a lot of my thoughts and feelings about Jack having Down syndrome.  Will he be able to talk, walk, read, have friends, get a job, live with us forever, and on and on.  I had made assumptions of what persons with Ds could and could not do…boy was I wrong!   I do know that just because someone has an extra special chromosome doesn’t mean that my Jack is going to be like them…just like we can’t generalize ANYONE!  When we do, we miss out on some amazing individuals because of our own ignorance.  Check out some of my favorite people and how their lives encourage me!

Meet Teddy Kremer. I watch this video at least once a week.  He is a baseball fanatic and is the batboy for the Cincinnati Reds.  Teddy your love and excitement for life makes me smile! 🙂

Meet Tim Harris.  He’s owns his own restaurant…and I would love a hug from this guy! I received this video two days after Jack was born.  I remember watching it in the hospital.  How many of us dance ourselves into our job everyday…can you say JOY????

Meet Rion Holcombe.  His mom captured him getting his acceptance letter to college.  I love the moment when he realizes it and looks up at his mom…gets me every time!  College…breaking stereotypes left and right!  Way to go Rion!  

Meet Jack Carroll.  Little guy, big potential.  YOU have been one of the BEST GIFTS I HAVE EVER GOTTEN and over 24,000 times people have read about you changing the world.  I am in awe of God’s goodness and I am so thankful to get a front seat.  You have big potential, HUGE! I love you buddy and honored to be your mama!

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