10 months…I want to see you be BRAVE!

Jack’s thyroid appointment went great!  It’s so awesome to meet a doctor that comes in and goes through a series of questions about his development, milestones, and finishes the appointment sharing that she thinks our kid is a rockstar!  Plus, when she entered the room, he was flipping through his book…so I think he impressed her with his reading skills.  🙂 We are a little bias…but we do think he is a rockstar!

It was discovered that after a month of being on the thyroid medication his lab results came back low, so she reduced his dosage.  She also predicts that he will more than likely not need to be on thyroid medication after the age of 3.  It’s critical to get the thyroid under control in the first 3 years of a child’s life based on how the brain develops, so we are very thankful that from birth a child’s thyroid levels are tested.  We give the medication to him at his dinner feeding by crushing up the pill and adding it to his solids…ain’t no big deal.  😉
A friend of ours asked us how we feel about going to the appointments.  I expressed that I do remember feeling a little overwhelmed at the beginning because there were so many.  I remember thinking, I should be going to play dates, not doctor appointments.  I was a little over ambitious with scheduling appointments though…because I just wanted the knowledge of what to expect and know how to best care for my little guy.  Then I decided, if I am going to spend an hour or so at a doctor’s appointment, I am going to make this a fun event and stop to get coffee afterwards…or lunch…or a shopping/browsing excursion!  If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  
I started teaching my class at the U this month and the anticipation of it gave me butterflies like I was toeing the line of a marathon…same excitement and nervousness.  I knew once I got there I would be fine.  The class is called Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School.  Right up my alley!  I have 32 students and the first class flew by!  I love the college age as it’s such a monumental time in their lives and I am thankful to be a part of such an exciting phase of life for them.  I am anticipating a fun semester filled with professional growth for me and a chance to see what the latest trends in being ‘cool’ are these days.
I want to see you be BRAVE!

God’s timing is always perfect.  This past week I was thinking of K’s mom and felt led to text her and share what was on my heart.  I babysat K and her sisters in college and have written about their encouragement to me in numerous posts.   Here is what I text her…
Me: Good morning!  (Insert pic of Jack) I just wanted to tell you that I am thankful for your Godly example of a hard working mom!  I think of you often and I am encouraged by you!   
K’s mom: Too cute!  K’s in the talent show tonight at the HS, signing the song BRAVE (by Sara Bereilles)…she’s also up for senior winter fest royalty!  Coronation tomorrow 🙂 life is good.
My wheels got turning on how I could make it work to get to the talent show that night.  I was able to help with bedtime with the boys and hurry over  before her act.  I hadn’t been in a high school in a long time and it was very entertaining to see the acts that were preforming…from solo rappers, to boy bands.  As K’s name was announced along with her two closest peers (which happen to be the volleyball stud and the lead actress in the fall drama performance) the crowd hooted and hollered.  
The curtains parted and there on the platform was K in a sequin dress, sequin leggings, and sequin shoes!  She rocked that outfit.  Behind her were these beautiful friends signing along with K.  She whipped her hair around and had the dance moves that lit up the auditorium.  She was like Beyonce in Destiny’s Child…all eyes were on her.  The final part of the song was moving…as she signed the words…I just want to see you be brave…I just want to see YOU be brave…K pointed to the audience and dared us to be brave.  At the final chord, the crowd was on their feet.  She nailed it!  I was a mess.  Tears streaming down my face.  Along with a stellar performance witnessed by all…she won the talent show!

As the lyrics read…say what you want to say…K signed that message to the whole student body the following day at the HS’s winter pep fest.  She showed me what brave is…and I felt like when she was pointing to the audience she was challenging me to be brave!  She said so much through this song… and has through her amazing life…

The time had come for the announcement of the crowning of the queen…and when her name was announced that she indeed was voted by her classmates as the queen of winter fest..with double arm pumps and a “yes” she accepted her crown. 🙂

Watching this community be impacted by her amazing personality, her love for life, and her ability to inspire us to be brave…gives me so much excitement for Jack’s life.

Congrats Queen K…I hope you wore your crown to bed tonight.  

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