Because of YOU…

Because of YOU…(those that have watched and shared the WCCO story)

More people are aware of how a diagnosis of Down syndrome is often delivered, that many families leave the hospital without a congratulations, and babies are not celebrated…and it’s time it CHANGES! You shared with others that EVERY child should be celebrated!  Thank you.  Over 17,000 times it has been shared on FB and viewed over 307,000 on Yahoo.  This morning, in Colorado and Tennessee, two people heard about Jack’s baskets on KLOVE.  I have been contacted by Baby Center and Twin Cities Mom Blog to share more about what Jack means to us and the mission of the baskets.  To God be the glory!

Because of YOU…(those that have monetarily donated or given your gifts) 

More than 100 families will be presented with gifts, encouragement, and resources included in Jack’s baskets!  From coast to coast… Hawaii, Texas, New York, California to name a few…you gave to a mission that will change lives!  Thank you!  You are changing families’ stories.

Because of YOU…(mamas and papas that raise children with Ds)

I am encouraged by your stories.  Thank you for sharing your love for your child, what your child has taught you, and how you didn’t allow society’s views effect how you raised your child.  I received over 100 emails from people across the nation.  You have paved the way for us to have resources so readily available to us.  Your hard work and determination is not overlooked.  I value it so much and I know many other young parents do too.  Also, thank you for sharing the painful moments you have experienced.  Things are going to change.

Because of YOU…(Liz and Tom from WCCO)

The world got a glimpse of our lives with Jack.  They saw the joy he brings to us daily, the amazing love we have for him, and the need for things to change.  You shared our story, but it was a story much bigger than ours.  It was story of many others, it was a story about all our children with Down syndrome.  They are precious, they are loved, they are to be celebrated.  The way you expressed the mission and the heart of who we are, the way you zoomed in on Jack’s eyes, you had the world in tears.  Thank you, you have no idea what this means to people with Down syndrome and their families.

Because of YOU…(my family and friends)

I have felt the love and support, which led me to be courageous to share our story.  To have tough conversations, to ask questions, and to get stuff done.  Thank you for empowering me with your encouragement, your prayers, and your love for my child.  I can not thank you enough for who each of you are in our lives and what you have taught us.  Thank you, thank you.

Because of YOU…(my Savior)

I get out of bed everyday.  To live out the purpose You have for me.  Thank You for constantly guiding me, giving me discernment, and strength to keep pushing.  And because of YOU, I have the gift of life, and to watch these amazing people around me grow and teach me more about Your love.  You give me much more than I deserve and without You, I am loss.