Drop the puck, Jack!

We had an awesome night celebrating Jack’s Basket at the hockey game on January 14th!  The Blaine Bengals Hockey Booster Club chose Jack’s Basket as the organization to support and we had a blast! Proceeds from the chuck-a-puck and a raffle of the Blaine Bengals jersey signed by the 15-16 players with Jack’s name and the lucky #21 all went to the baskets!  Here are some fun pictures of the event and a video of Jack dropping the puck to start the game! We are so grateful for all those that attended (aprox 1,500+ people), including our families, friends, former players and students, along with Blaine and Centennial hockey fans!  A HUGE thank you to those that helped make this night happen!  We are humbled by how awesome the Blaine community has been to our family!  We received some very generous donations online (via the website) and are humbled by the hearts of those that continue to support the Jack’s Basket mission!  29 babies will be celebrated and families congratulated because of this amazing night!  THANK YOU!

These nights are so fun and although it was so wonderful to get donations we know how important it is for Down syndrome awareness.  A chance to help others understand more about Down syndrome, our love for people with Down syndrome, and how using the r-word is hurtful to us!  Here’s the card we handed out to share our message…thanks for your support and following our journey! 

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