Caleb’s Story

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the incredible basket of goodies you sent to celebrate our baby son, Caleb. Not only was it full of lovely items — it was a basket of hope for us. At the time we were overwhelmed and hurting from his at birth diagnosis but also from the trauma of his birth, NICU stay, and ongoing medical requirements along with supporting our four older children.

Thank you for bravely sharing your testimonies and validating the emotional journey parents go on too.

The items in the basket were not only a source of information, support and hope for us as parents, new to the world of Down syndrome but also Caleb’s Nanna (an integral part of our support network) who was able to answer her own questions from the resources. And Caleb’s two brothers and two sisters as we were able to use the 47 Strings book to explain everything to them.

To say Caleb makes our lives better is an understatement. He brings so much joy to us all everyday. He has made our whole family stronger, kinder, more compassionate, work better as a team and love harder. He is wonderfully made by our creator and a true blessing to our family.

Thank you for celebrating Caleb and the difference Jack’s basket has made to our family in the first 3 months of Caleb’s life. It has been so vital to us as I am sure it is to other families too.”

– Caleb’s Family

💙 💛 Caleb and family, you make us better.

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