Celebrating Baby N!

“Thank you for our basket and welcoming Baby N. It has been emotional for me navigating motherhood and Baby N’s Down syndrome diagnosis, but the more I talk about it the more encouraged I become.

Baby N is our first child. He surprised us when he came a month early and when he was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome.

For me everything became unknown: what would his future look like? With all the unknowns, what we did know was that Baby N was our son and God intended to give us this gift.

Many family and friends offered support and resources — one of which was Jack’s Basket. With Baby N being our first baby, coming a month early, and being diagnosed with Down syndrome I was just in survival mode for what felt like a while. I got around to reaching out to Jack’s Basket and it is so kind that you would want to welcome my sweet baby boy into the world. I love the resources provided and the onesie, blanket, toy etc., made me feel special.

As I talk more about Baby N and learn more about Down syndrome, I’m not as worried for the future but excited to see what Baby N has in store for us!” – Mama H

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