World Down Syndrome Day 2023

YOU MAKE ME BETTER. This is our anthem. Today, on World Down Syndrome Day (and everyday) we celebrate the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and the impact that each of them have on our stories, families, communities, and world. They make this world better. Each person with Down syndrome was created with a purpose and we’re here to celebrate their lives, their love, and their strength from day one. 

Since delivering the very first Jack’s Basket 9 years ago, I have heard stories of families, teachers, therapists, classmates, neighbors, and communities made better because of someone with Down syndrome. Today, I’m excited to share that this year we are launching a series of stories to amplify this core belief: “You Make Me Better”. We’re here to change the narrative around the Down syndrome diagnosis – and we’ll do that one story at a time – sharing the experiences of individuals whose lives have been changed for the better because of someone with Down syndrome. 

Today, we start with 19 stories. Each of these clips represent lives changed by someone with Down syndrome. Made better. 

Kit, you make me better because you remind me to work hard, find the best in people and practice kindness.

Lorenzo, you make me better because of the joy you bring to our family. Your laugh is contagious and we are so incredibly blessed to have you.

Annabelle, you make me better by keeping me on my toes, having more patience, and testing my imagination while playing doll house!

Jed, you make me better by helping me see the beauty in everyone and everything.

Grace, you make be better because you tickle me and make me laugh. You make me feel happy especially when you hug me and say “I love you”.

Magnus, you make me better because you have special super powers to always make me feel better (big brother). Magnus, you make me better, because you’re my favorite boy (little brother).

Ziva, you make me better because you make me happy.

Landon, you make me better because of everything you are, and everything you do.  

Maddie, you make me better every day with your strength and joy. 

Alex, you make me better because you help me see the most important things in life and you help me see the good in others.  

Drew, you make us better. You are funny, kind and honest.  You are fun to play with and you make us laugh. You turn a quiet day into a fun and loud day. 

Kevy, you make me better because you make me joyful.

Isaac, you make me better by helping me be more patient with other people (big sister). Isaac, you make me better because  you make me grateful, and I like to teach you stuff (big brother). 

Benny, you make me better simply by being yourself. 

Levi, you make me better because you make me smile so big and laugh.  

Judd, you make me better because you always hug me tight. 

Isaac, you make me better because you smile at me and make me happy (big sister). Isaac, you make me better because you love me (little brother).  

Jack, you make me better by smiling and just being there in the hard times.

Henry, you make us better because you help us realize that we are all uniquely created and have something special to contribute to our class. (Miss D’s 3rd Grade Class)

This is what the future of acceptance, respect, and celebration looks like. At Jack’s Basket, we are advocating for the world to value and respect people with an extra 21st chromosome. They are fighting for a chance to impact others for the better. Will you join us in telling these stories and shouting their worth? If your life has been impacted by someone with Down syndrome, and you’d like to share your story, please express your interest, by emailing with “You Make Me Better” Feature in the subject line.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day from all of us at Jack’s Basket!  

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