Jane, 101, mom to Bob

“A little common sense and a lot of love goes a long way.” -Jane, 101, mom to Bob 

I met with my friend Jane a couple weeks ago while on our family’s spring break. We were introduced because we both are moms of a son with Down syndrome. Her son, Bob, has since passed away but she shared her story with me. “Bob was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was two months old in the 40s. After 9 different doctors told us they wouldn’t care for him, my husband and I looked at each other and said the two people that he needs is us.  So we took him home (instead of putting him in an institution like we were instructed to do) and he was truly the best gift to us.” 

She went on with many stories of how he made them better. She realized what Bob needed most…love, and that is what they could give him. How many times do we forget that a simple formula of “a little common sense and a lot of love” is what’s needed? I’ll take that wisdom from a pioneer woman that is 101. Along with many other insights my family took away from our visit with her.

She raised her son without the resources we have today. She is my hero. She created a community. She needed it, her son needed it… she saw long before what community can be and how it can create change.

Count your blessings for parents like Jane who paved the way, created the community, advocated for resources and opportunities, so we can do this journey together. We get to do this journey TOGETHER, because our children deserve it and our communities, classrooms, workplaces, neighborhoods, friendships, and families need them.

Each of our lives have the ability to impact others for the better. That sounds like a little common sense and a lot of love to me!

Bob, you make me better.

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