So besides anticipating this spring for obvious reasons like sunshine, green grass, running without layers, lemonade, etc…I was anxious to see how I felt with having 9 months of shots of pollen injected into my arm to help with my allergies! Well lets just say that unfortunately Minnesota has had the worst pollen count ever…and […]

So there once was a time when I was in college that I was running close to campus, it was a cloudy, drizzly afternoon and the comment, “Unhitch the trailor” came from a car filled with high school boys. I remember wearing black wind pants with another layer underneath it, a baggy jacket of some […]

So just when I am getting into the swing of training for the Turtleman Triathalon guess what shows up???? A plus sign and a solid line! Nope…not a PR on a race, or a negative split time…these signs come up when you urinate on a stick, that means…we’re pregnant! I feel like I had that […]

So it’s been at least four months since my last entry and my life has changed dramatically….like never before! Currently, I am 29 weeks pregnant and my little BOY 🙂 wants to run too! He kicks so much, which makes me smile and I know that they are only going to get harder and stronger! […]